The Myers depicted in this family tree are descendants from Francis Myers c1728 and Sarah Emmerson c1736. Francis married Sarah Emmerson in Darfield in 1757 and thereafter had four sons that we know of; Joseph, Edward, Francis and William.

Having looked at the Darfield records, we can find no trace of Myers births before 1750, however, there is a Francis baptised in Barnsley in 1728. Barnsley is 5 miles from Wombwell and it is not too far a stretch to assume that he might be our Francis. Jane and I have, therefore, included his parents and siblings in the lineage.

Joseph died in 1762 and was survived by his three brothers to adulthood. This significantly large Myers tree can be traced back to these three brothers. The families lived in and around Masbrough and Kimberworth but spread and settled during the 19th century to Leeds, Sheffield, Barnsley, The Potteries, Scarborough, North America, South Africa and Australasia.

Jane Eddies and I would like to thank: - Paul Cheetham, Ron Cawton, Clive Garnett, John Hammerton, Patricia Hardisty, David Hawkes, Chris Hobbs, Anne McSheffrey, Paula Myers, Susan Myers, Peter Myers, Jack Palmer, Christine Spatcher, Bernard Sharp, Karen Szekeres and Penelope Tweeddale for their invaluable contribution to this effort.

While we have tried to be as accurate as possible, we make no warranty as to the total veracity of this tree, since so much information has been donated,

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